The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project is our building project. Not only are we improving our building, but God is growing our faith as a church. We have the opportunity to purchase our building and the surrounding property at the end of the year, and we are believing that God is going to do something miraculous. We will post updates and pictures here so that you can see what we are up to. Keep up, because God’s moving fast! Thank you for all of your generous support, your hard work, and your faithful giving. Together we will see this project come to fruition. God bless!

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation pushing this common vision. All this requires time, investment and application of the gifts God has given to each of us.

The altar facelift

The existing altar was not in the best shape, and was extremely high. We tore it out and rebuilt a new one that suited our church better.

Interestingly enough, the man (the myth, the legend) that built the original one so many years ago – Taurino Vasquez, Sr., was the same man that helped make way for the new one!

Altar construction

Quality craftsmanship for sure! After a few services with Pastor Vince preaching from the floor, we got the new altar built and primed. Next came the carpet and tucking away all of the electrical wires and components.

Children’s chapel


Building quality classrooms, investing in our future generations. Pastor Martin and the rest of the men worked day and night to get the rooms framed and built, and they have turned out exceptionally well!

Cool kids

Everyone knows that it is hot in Austin, but not in our Children’s Ministry. Thanks to your generous donations, we have some really cool kids now.

Partner with us

If you would like to donate towards the Nehemiah Project, please use the button below. If you would like to volunteer, make a material donation, or just be a blessing to the workers, you can call the number on the contact page. Thank you and God bless.

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